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At Backyard Structures, we are a full time, year-round outdoor structure company.  That means, that we NEVER close for the season and we’re always ready to offer assistance and advice… no matter what the month of the year.  If you would like to contact Backyard Structures, just give us a call at our Belford Location:  732.495.8866

If you prefer to leave us some details or questions about your potential purchase, please fill out the form below and an outdoor sales specialist will be in touch to discuss your particular project.  Remember: it’s never a bad time of the year to discuss your shed or structure needs.  PLEASE EMAIL DIRECT :

If you would like immediate sales help or just have a question, PLEASE CALL 732-495-8866.  Our new, advanced contact form will be up shortly and you will be able to email a detailed product request or question right from our website.  


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  1. Chris glad to help supply you with pricing on siesta pool house…need a size and siding so i can correctly price out for you…f.y.i….they start at $5590 for an 8 x 12 in T111 wood siding and go up from there

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